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Find someone as awesome as you are - and you won't have to fork over a single penny to do it. OnePlusYou is a 100% free dating site and signing up takes less than a minute.

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So what's this all about?

OnePlusYou was created to make online dating simple, fun, and free for everyone. It's maintained by a couple of guys from San Francisco and will always be completely free. If you have any questions or concerns, give us your feedback.

Why OnePlusYou?

It's free, simple and incredibly easy.

Instead of matchmaking software, we believe you're the one who should decide who your ideal match is. We provide an easy way for you to selectively find and meet potential dates, without asking you 300 questions first and having a robot set up dates for you.

Our singles community is gigantic.

We've got singles forums, singles chat, easy to use search and matching features, and countless other ways to meet great people.

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Quizzes, Widgets, & Other Fun Stuff

At OnePlusYou we create a variety of fun quizzes, tests, and blog widgets to help get the word out about our website.

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