AnthonyCarmante ""Nature-loving college student Seeking Trail Mate”"
21 year old man from Miami, Florida      Looking for woman for dating

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I like to blast my rock music in my car! I do like other sorts of music, but rock is my all time favorite. I listen to the type that people barely understand like Arch enemy to the soft *yet catchy sounding Red hot chili peppers. Right now my favorite bands are System of a down and Korn. The only local I band I know of is called phoenix theory, the band use to play next door to my house all the time so I got to know the band pretty good. Hopefully this year I get to go to Ozztfeast, I’ve been dying to go all year!

I am currently going to Miami-Dade College where you can find me mostly around my friends’ playing cards in the cafe or just walking around; I'm not that hard to spot out. The group I hang out with in Dade is like an extension of the friends I have in High school, but also including other people from other schools and much older people. I'm finding myself mostly around people 22-27 yr. old. It's weird to me, but at the same time I can't really tell the difference between the ages between people anymore. Just a few days ago I asked out this girl whom I thought was 18, but she was maybe like 24 or 26. The only really time I feel the age difference is when I'm hanging around my younger friends like 16 and below.

My hobbies lately have mostly consisted of playing card cards like @ss hole (a British game) and playing board games like Monopoly, Life, checkers, chess, Risk, Samurai (like risk, but better!). I'm a person who like to think a lot when it comes to games, sports that involve playing with many people can be frustrating for me if I'm not the leader so I do like other games that only use maybe... the most 3 people, but I like playing by myself so I don't have to blame anyone else for losing.
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Latino / Hispanic


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