How long could you survive trapped in your own home?

Suppose you were trapped in your home and could not leave, this survey will tell you approximately how many days you'd survive without access to the outside world. You'd have a steady supply of fresh water, but no electricity and you must subsist on only non-perishable food.

Approximately how many pounds of non-perishable food do you have in your home?

A single bachelor typically has around 30 pounds of non-perishable food in his home, while a large family might have around 130 lbs.

One can of food is roughly equal to one pound of food, so the easiest way to figure this out is to think of all the food you have in terms of cans and make a rough approximation based on that. A box of cereal, can of beans, a box of pasta noodles, and a jar of pickles are each close to one pound of food.


Check the box next to items that you have:

Mouths to feed

How many people live in your home?

How Long Could I Survive in My Humble Abode?