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36 year old man from Boston, Massachusetts      Looking for woman for relationship

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Hello there, my name is Peter.

Am seeking one who takes care of herself both physically and mentally, enjoys activities outside as well as in and has a flair for humor and wit. I have a sarcastic sense of humor so I probably wouldn't mesh well with someone overly insecure or fragile. I enjoy TLC, spending time with you and PDA but on the other hand I will respect your space (you have your own friends or/and family who needs some of your time and I respect that) and not into smothering. Seeking someone who can not only stimulate me physically, but mentally and emotionally. Been there done that on the physical only level. I now seek something more.

I grew up in CT and moved to Tampa , FL. After waking up on xmas day and walking outside to the kids next door playing in their pool, decided then it was time to move on... Ended up here in Boston and been here ever since. LOVE this town and very glad of the people and places I have experienced since coming here. I work in IT/Computer technology and live in the North End.

I am a non-smoker (cigar once in a great while) socially drink, looking for n/s as well. Casual sox and pats fan. I am 6' ~170lbs lean but semi-athletic build.

I am a Leo & Scottish/Italian mix, if that does not mean a lot to you simply put I am very loyal, sensual, intelligent, out going/can be (but not always) the life of a party, and strong in my convictions. On the other had I can be stubborn, absent minded, have issues with punctuality (I may be late but I WILL be there) and hold grudges. I also have a high sex drive (that can be a positive or negative depends on your point of view I suppose). So there you have it, I lay it all out on the table for your consideration.

I am fairly save-the-earth minded and liberal. Aside from that if you have interest in outdoor activities (hiking, cycling, swimming), PC gaming, the north end, art galleries, coffee houses, ancient history, renny faires, live music, clubs, the arts, paganism and/or movies that would be a big plus!

I look forward to talking to you!
Profession: Technology

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