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32 year old man from Syracuse, New York      Looking for woman for dating

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A concise description on an internet dating site? If you really want to know me, then please ask, or better yet take a chance and use your own eyes & mind to observe. So, here we go..originally from NYC now in Syracuse at SUNY-ESF, I will tell you [they are kinda cool]. I am going to be a research professor at a major university and focus on my research. I WANT TO ENGINEER PLANTS TO PRODUCE PHYTOCHEMICAL Now that I got that out of the way, more specifically, I want to develop effective treatments for cancer. I strongly believe that nature holds all cures for our body & mind. However, more importantly I want to mentor. I want (NEED) to give back & help the youth (they are the future). My mind is OPEN. I despise routine, I cannot nor will I settle for a conventional, uniformed way of thought. This is not 1984 (or is it, lets talk about it). My music interests are varied. I love music, if it is real I will listen, and I don’t mean "real" in the commercial sense cuz that’s pretend. A sampling includes: Reggae, radiohead, tool, Ben Harper, dead prez & WU-TANG CLAN. I am an avid reader, and very socially active (read.....activist). I strongly believe in social justice and act on those beliefs to bring about change...its all action baby!. I keep my body physically fit, and only nourish myself with life...U R WHAT U EAT! If you eat life, then it will bring life. Whatever you put in must come out. My body is a temple. I practice hatha yoga, meditation, & tantra.
Profession: Graduate student

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