lesmo "Sarcastic, cold-hearted and bitter seeks same...dry sense of humor a must, leave your happiness at the door...eye contact makes me uncomfortable, why talk, I know you're pretty, write me now.... "
37 year old man from Denver, Colorado      Looking for woman for dating

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I am a lucky man...I have a wonderful life and now all I need is a person to share it with. I am 35, healthy and fulfilled, attempting to accomplish the things that give my life meaning. I spend my free time writing this book that I am determined to finish. I try to snowboard 20 time per year, though some years I fall short. I travel out of the US at least once and usually twice per year. My next trip is, hopefully, going to be a cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean, but I want to go with someone and none of friends can take the time off from work. I also, want to see Asia, Patagonia and the Galapagos Islands in the next 5 years. I enjoy SCUBA diving and I hope to find a woman who dives or is excited to learn. I enjoy modern architecture and one of my goals is to find a beautiful piece of land in the mountains of Costa Rica and to build a glass house facing a water fall. I am starting a co-ed indoor soccer team after not playing for 2 years and I am back into running after 10 years. In short, I am back in shape and committed to staying that way.
I hope to meet a funny, athletic, brilliant, sexy woman who wants to explore the world. I would like to have a couple of kids, but no hurry and I want a woman who has her own, full life. I want to ask her about her day when I get home at night and want her to have an exciting story for me. I want someone who stays sexy in spirit even as we get old, wrinkled and gray. I want her to have a twinkle that I will love even when I am angry. I want a dry sense of humor and an agile mind. I want long legs and dark hair and large, expressive eyes. I want us to work out together and I push each other physically, emotionally, intelectually and spiritually. With all that it is no wonder I am single, but I think it is often better to cling to an unfulfilled dream than to settle for an unfulfilling reality.
Profession: Writer, game player

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