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I'm an aspiring writer and comic. That means I still have a day job. It pays well, but I could spend more if it was available. My main interest outside of work and Ohio State Football season is seeing live music. I'm not much into the new bands you hear on corporate radio. I'm more of an old-school rocker: Aerosmith, AC/DC, Allman Bros, Cheap Trick, Kiss, Eagles, Grateful Dead, Alice Cooper, Doors,The Who etc.I still have long hair and plan on keeping it. (no balding here) My newest musical passion is the Drive By Truckers from Athens, Ga. They RAWK!
I'm a bit of a neat freak, but on the plus side I'll straighten up your pad without you asking. I'm also a great cook. Nothing fancy, but you won't go hungry with me around. I'm not big on exercising although I should be. Maybe you could inspire me. I'm only 180, but I've been a beer drinker for a number of years and my belly shows. Again, that can be fixed with the right motivation.
Other than that, I'm in good health both physically and mentally. I've got a wicked sense of humor and I sometimes cross the lines of polite society. But, hell, that's what a really good comic is supposed to do in my opinion. My heroes were Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks. I feel they were sent here by God to make us all better people. Unfortunately, some people are too dumb for their own good and they just can't be helped. I'm talking, of course, about Republicans and fundamental Christians. A joke people, lighten up.
But seriously, if you support President Bush or the war in Iraq, keep browsing. I love America and I support the troops, but I honestly feel America has been sliding down a slippery slope since Reagan conned the American people into thinking he was gonna get "government off your backs." That was just the first in a series of lies that has produced the greatest defecit America has ever seen, and a succession of unnecessary military scurmishes leading to the current mess in the Middle East. I'm definately more of a dove than a hawk. Ok, I've rambled long enough. If you want to know more please feel free to ask. I pride myself on telling the truth.
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