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Beards, Cars, and Deadly Cats

Posted on 11/13/2008 in Random by Matt

I've been hard at work these past few weeks putting together some new comics for Mingle2.  The most recent one I launched today:


Prior to that, I created BiggerBetterBeards.org (which is a bit ironic considering that I lack a beard)


And lastly, right before Halloween, I presented some tips for making your car a bit more impressive to your friends:


Lastly, check out Skitters - Cat Detective if you get a chance.  I drew this comic several months ago but it was just sitting on my hard drive, so I figured what the hell and uploaded it.  Fair warning: this one is pretty offensive and might not be for everyone :)


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  • SarahPants5 wrote on 11/13/2008
    LMAO Skitters rocks! I wish I had a cat who could solve mysteries like that. Although he'd always be plotting to kill me. :\
  • tv2enslave4life wrote on 12/02/2008
    speaking of your original drawings for the comics for mingle How a bout a place in the forums for artistic members to post their original self created art ( no work art work from anyplace other than their own one of a kind creations , believe me I have lots of my own original pieces that I would gladly share just so others can enjoy words from images as well as writings images from words.
  • 23MayDawg16 wrote on 01/18/2009
  • debbiejohnson236 wrote on 07/21/2009
    Amen to U Quina44. I am so tired of it all too. Thank-you for saying so about it.
  • mjsbaby65 wrote on 06/28/2010
    hello hates when in my profile it CLEARLY states i'm NOT A COUAGER but YOUNG ppl still i'm me what's up with that they CAN'T read.....and then i get an e~mail staying i was in the wrong to confront the guy...WRONG.... heres a clue.... READ THE PROFILE 1st.. DUH end of story.
  • Luv_NVeGaS wrote on 07/21/2010
    Just read your 10 worst 1st date movies. I guess I am really warped or too much of a realist. Other than for the animal killing one, and the AIDS thing these are all movies I'd have no trouble watching on any date. Your piece was very funny tho'.....
  • cherylannie wrote on 08/04/2010
    Do you really kill cats?