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Announcing the Mingle2 Dating Report

Posted on 07/09/2008 in Mingle2 News by Matt

Ever wondered if you've had sex with too many people, or not enough? Today we launched the Mingle2 Dating Report , which asks you how many sexual partners you've had in your life and then tells you how you compare to everyone else in your demographic.

We ask for your age, gender, location, sexual orientation, and how many people you've been with in your life.  We then tell you how you compare with other people from your city, age group, and gender.

Talking about your "number," is understandably taboo.  With this report we hope to give people an idea of where they stand - are they too promiscuous, not promiscuous enough?  It's an anonymous way to satisfy the curiosity of anyone who has ever wondered how their number compares to everyone else.

In a few days we're going to be providing statistics about promiscuity, such as what cities and states are the most promiscuous and whether men or women have more sexual partners.  in addition, we also ask some random, weird questions such as "do you own a blog?" or "boxers vs briefs," in order to provide fun stats about who is getting laid more :)


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  • Morena350 wrote on 07/18/2008
    well the name does not make the site, I guess the people on the site do and just say hi, is good and the best I have seen, due to it's members. How we care for each other even tho sometimes we have our differences.
  • buttons wrote on 08/29/2008
    so i already did the entries..... how do i see the results updated?
  • Casedilla wrote on 12/19/2008
    Well, now I'm going to be looking at everyone in Baltimore a little differently.
  • MONROE85 wrote on 04/26/2010
    I need to edit my file