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9 Reasons Not to Date a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Posted on 07/11/2008 in Random by Matt

Illustrated by Matthew Inman , with some help on the Dinosaur jokes from Rebecca Kelley


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  • Taloan wrote on 07/11/2008
    Haha, I love it. That's awesome.
  • qbot wrote on 07/11/2008
    i'm especially fond of reason #7.
  • Babsadoodle wrote on 07/12/2008
    this is freakin' hilarious. Do the people at Dinosaur Comics know about this?
  • MsJennifer wrote on 07/12/2008
    #4 is beautiful! Nice work on the whole thing!
  • neopholis wrote on 07/13/2008
    And, T Rex cannot reach his wallet because of his short arms!!!
  • BobSch wrote on 07/16/2008
    They are very interested in pets...for all the wrong reasons
  • cloifromhell wrote on 11/19/2008
    jaja all that's true!! I'm dating one jajaja got'ya (TUPE)
  • synapticmishap wrote on 02/20/2009
    I found this so funny I banged my head on my monitor. It's just my kind of humour.
  • rover45 wrote on 03/17/2009
    a lot
  • rover45 wrote on 03/17/2009
    a lot
  • rover45 wrote on 03/17/2009
    a few
  • rover45 wrote on 03/17/2009
  • rover45 wrote on 03/17/2009
    i dont know
  • Leavan wrote on 07/27/2010
    I MUST add that Reason #7 is comic genius.