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Top 10 Ways for a Geek to Impress a Girl

Posted on 08/13/2008 in Geek by Matt

1. Make a facebook app specifically for her cat - achieve viral success, sell it for millions.


2. Win the x-prize competition


3. Help her steal wifi from her neighbors, then use it to download a pirated copy of Ironman 2 and the new wolverine movie.


4. Code a bot that can crack any captcha. Use it to spam the entire internet with poetry that pays her tribute.


5. Offer to let her stay in your black-hole-proof bunker when the hadron collider opens up a wormhole in Switzerland later this year.

6. Inundate her with cosmically impressive information, such as the fact that the earth spins at 1,000 miles per hour or that a thimbleful of a neutron star would weigh over 100 million tons.


7. Code her a W3C valid website without using tables. Bask in validation glory. Probably get laid.

8. Introduce her to some amazingly addicting websites, such as Stumbleupon , Orisinal , Twitter , or zombo zombo.com changed my life).

9. Write a regular expression that globally matches your love for her.


10. Take spare parts from her old iPod and turn it into a working plasma rifle.


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  • redhead44613 wrote on 08/13/2008
    hahahaha love it!
  • Guy1972 wrote on 10/14/2008
    I am currently working on the first half of #4, cuz I hate the living !@#$%^&*() of having to prove to a )(*&^%$#@!ing computer that I am human. I think I'll invent captcha for computers. The one and only question will be "What is binary number 1010010010101001011001010110111000011011000101000110101 expressed in decimal?" If it gets the answer right, it will be perm banned from ever accessing the internet again.
  • FlatterMePlease wrote on 11/08/2008
    first 2 part of #1 would do the trick #3 was tested and work at 50% for me or 100% if she is not a cop ... yes dont make the mistake. Yes, your should ask first. #6 work in the short term and they get annoyed by it after a while. #7 need to be for her about something she like, think food, dog, shoes ... else its too easy. #9 and #10 only work if she is a geek herself else she wont care or will be mad for waisting diodes/circuits boards of her new IPod. and for the record Guy1972 the answer is 23174074642303541 anybody who can run calc.exe know that. ^_^
  • Angel_Unaware wrote on 01/30/2009
    That is really cute!!!!!! I love it
  • free2question wrote on 02/11/2009
    LOL ... Is it pathetic that I actually pondered #7 for quite some time? Retiring the use of tables for page layouts has been an arduous process for me!
  • headshot wrote on 03/08/2009
    hahaha cool. I'd like if any women can do the same for me :)
  • Wabbitswayer wrote on 04/05/2009
    Ironman2 already?
  • Kiiara wrote on 07/05/2009
    I'd be impressed if someone scored me a copy of Wolverine.
  • MandiLFins wrote on 07/11/2009
    This is great... Totally true too.....Love..Love
  • peterisageek wrote on 01/07/2010
    yeah if i attempted #7 i would never get laid. easier to win the x-prize
  • yelu1 wrote on 05/27/2010