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Name that Sex Position Quiz

Posted on 08/19/2008 in Random by Matt

In my ongoing effort to make Mingle2 the weirdest, most unconventional dating site on the planet, I've constructed a quiz that tests your knowledge of various sex positions.

Sex Positions

I didn't want to use pornographic images for the models, and drawing them would have been way too time consuming, so instead I bought some GI joes (both a male and female) and placed them in compromising positions.


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  • pbuilt69 wrote on 08/19/2008
    sounds like an interesting game ha lol
  • playwithmeoooolala wrote on 08/20/2008
    i do i cram for the big test?
  • tmay wrote on 08/21/2008
    sounds like fun when do we start
  • geordie wrote on 08/27/2008
    sound mint this game xx
  • duckiegiggles wrote on 09/04/2008
    haha figures i failed
  • Bushidobillyclub wrote on 09/06/2008
    You scored a 69% I WIN!!!!!!! Oh wait . . .
  • doodlebuggrrl wrote on 09/08/2008
    omg, lol Insane!
  • the_mind_flayer wrote on 09/27/2008
    100%. Pure Genius.
  • suntannedmale wrote on 09/30/2008
    what a new concept lol perhaps i may learn something
  • spankmaster wrote on 10/01/2008
    The Baroness is hot
  • Sukie50 wrote on 10/16/2008
    Wow! I just took the quiz 39! Rusty, real bad! lol I guess thats y I am on here! lol Fun game guys! "Peace"
  • VegasWild wrote on 11/03/2008
    92% guess I need more studying.
  • Gpwgyrene wrote on 11/08/2008
    I'm 57 and I failed this miserably! I wonder how I ever produced two kids!
  • Crazyforcougar wrote on 11/16/2008
    Can we use power rangers ?
  • arnold007 wrote on 11/29/2008
    can we use power rangers?
  • crazysillygirl wrote on 12/30/2008
    the pictures arent opening up for me......how the hell do i do it then!!!
  • DustyTheDrummer wrote on 01/01/2009
    Whoo GI Joes!
  • IronRex wrote on 01/05/2009
    Hi, Does anyone have the answers? I scored 54% and did a WAG on a few of those that i guessed correctly so I need some coaching. I guess I have a LOT to learn.
  • QuirkyColoMom wrote on 01/10/2009
    okay, I need more practice or to study more or maybe both??
  • 23MayDawg16 wrote on 01/18/2009
  • flosden2009 wrote on 02/28/2009
    reverse cow girl
  • flosden2009 wrote on 02/28/2009
    reverse cow girl
  • PetiteMystery wrote on 03/24/2009
    Got a 69 Perfect score.. Whoo I'm tierd.
  • morethenfriends wrote on 03/31/2009
    Its been 6 years for me and my memory is getting fainter,but i will give it ago.[he he]
  • musiclover2009 wrote on 04/22/2009
    sounds fun when does it start or has it already started
  • musiclover2009 wrote on 04/22/2009
    lol that was halarious although i have never heard of the names of the posistions so i didnt know alot of them but it was fun
  • rose_gammie wrote on 04/27/2009
    only thing i know for sure is if it feels good ...well then.....lol who cares what it's called !
  • morethenfriends wrote on 04/28/2009
    whats this sex thing
  • niceguy855 wrote on 07/06/2009
    i scored a 69 %....lol ironic huh.
  • sprik8 wrote on 07/08/2009
    I scored 85, i just do what i wanna do without knowing what it's called.
  • RespectfulWoman wrote on 07/20/2009
    sounds very interesting
  • Louey wrote on 07/26/2009
    ouch...its been waaaaaaay to long but then again I'm the oral evaluator :)
  • _X_Ben_X_ wrote on 08/03/2009
    78% i need to do more research lol
  • sanju_lion wrote on 08/20/2009
    we were born to succeed, not to fail
  • bumblebee1987 wrote on 09/09/2009
    ok i'v heard of 69 and cowgirl doggy stile but i've never heard of these's 68 asian cowgirl body guard ear muffs butterfly lotus peison guard rodeo wheelbarrow i mean could someone mess me back and let me know what the hell this positions mean because my pc wont work here
  • Ardzuna wrote on 09/16/2009
    So interesting!
  • Creeetopia wrote on 09/20/2009
    Alright I will see how good I do. lol
  • italian_taurus wrote on 10/06/2009
    That's too funny. I got 100% and I didin't know what was going on half the time. The action figures are the bomb but where are the weapons?
  • crose1960 wrote on 11/03/2009
    Where's the quiz? I was hoping I hadn't forgotten all that I've learned, but I can't tell.......I can't find the quiz!!
  • tiffanysunder wrote on 11/05/2009
    what the hell stuff is this ahahah
  • miss_Chris wrote on 11/18/2009
    Is this like a Rorschach Test?
  • kville67 wrote on 11/22/2009
    mmm sounds interesting
  • IrishCherokee wrote on 12/08/2009
    Where's the guy got 85 or higher higher 85
  • Garik_Holikor wrote on 12/20/2009
    Well you sure can't take this test via cell phone (standard/advanced device).
  • megan90 wrote on 12/28/2009
    that is a lil finny!!
  • butterfly_kiss wrote on 01/01/2010
    I got a 77% on naming them. Of course the quiz didn't ask what ones we do...that I would have gotten a 90% and I learned a couple of new positions.
  • amberlynn26 wrote on 03/21/2010
    well i got a 100% im so proud of my self.
  • looking40inlakeland wrote on 03/25/2010
  • instructor09 wrote on 05/30/2010
    Now that was funny as hell... test score was not what I would have liked, apparently I am terrible on naming positions.... from my score ya would think all did was lie in bed and not move, haha. thanks for the laugh
  • Dela_creme2010 wrote on 08/10/2010
    Scored 95. Great stuff. I guess i'm really versatile when it comes to sex.