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Things I Love/Hate About Being Single

Posted on 06/13/2007 in Dating by Matt

Being single definitely has its advantages.  There's more freedom, less responsibility, and no one to keep tabs on you.  Conversely, there are some things I absolutely hate about being single.

Lets start with the hate:

  1. Not having a guaranteed "activity buddy."  If you're single and you want to go out to dinner you've got to find someone to go with.  Sure, you can invite friends or other couples but they may not be available. When you're in a relationship this isn't a big deal, your partner tends to become the default option.
  2. Playing the "do you like me?" game.  I try to be as direct as possible when expressing how I feel about others, but unfortunately not everyone takes this approach. I can handle someone rushing commitment and being very up-front about wanting to date me, and I can also handle someone not returning my calls or telling me they're just not interested.  What I cannot handle, however, is someone sending mixed messages and being generally unclear with where a relationship is heading. It's frustrating and misinterpreting someone's intentions can be very embarrassing.
  3. You don't have someone to come home to
  4. Dating is expensive
  5. The chaotic ups and downs. Being single you're subject to a much wider range of emotional stress that can be both exciting and horrible. One day you're basking in the euphoria of meeting someone new and the next you're dealing with the staggering blow of rejection.

And now the things I love about being single:

  1. Freedom! Stay out as late as you like, answer to no one, and your only commitment is to debauchery and perhaps a hangover.
  2. There's more time to better yourself.  Whether due to necessity or convenience, single people tend to exercise more and generally take better care of themselves.
  3. If you're capable of being alone (and you aren't the type of person that has been jumping from one relationship to the next your whole life), you'll find that over time your can fine-tune exactly who you're looking for and you'll only commit to someone who is truly exceptional.  In other words, you lose the tendency to settle and develop a better sense of what you want.
  4. There's more time for hobbies and personal interests
  5. If you're a workaholic this affords you to the perfect opportunity to embrace your addiction  (*cough*  so about working those 18 hour days as a blogger, entrepreneur, web developer, and CTO of a marketing firm...)
  6. Dating is different than it used to be and with the rise of the interwebs pretty much anyone can find a date nowadays.


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  • sexyseniorcitizen wrote on 06/25/2008
    Hi Just thought I would add my 2 cents. I don't know what your age is but it's much harder to find someone to date when you are older. I just signed up to Just say hi---Boy a lot of the people send in pictures that are 10-20-30-+years old. Whats the point. Single is great but like you said going out alone has really ceased to be an option in this day and time. However online dating with a guy that still thinks he looks like he's 30 when he 60 doesen't work either. Thanks for letting me vent Sexy senior citizen
  • Bluejaz wrote on 07/01/2008
    Reason's I don't like being single (in addition to those you listed): 1. You don't have someone to care for, nurture, show affection to, and to love. 2. The only mug in the mirror in the morning is yours... bummer. 3. You don't have someone to do zany things with... walk at midnight, grab a burger at 11 p.m. on a work night, share in the terror of that hot new roller coaster... 4. You have to plan way to much. It kind of kills spontaneity! 5. You don't have someone to bounce idea's off of. 6. You don't have someone to help bring your spirits up when you're down. 7. You don't have someone to discuss issue's of the day with... every day. 8. You're stuck with only your idea's in how to have fun. Another person always brings new idea's... 9. You don't have someone to hug every day! 10. You don't have a really good reason to go to bed at night. 11. You don't have someone, that you know that you can trust, to share with. Things I like about being single: 1. You don't have to fight to control the Remote! 2. You don't have to compromise regarding which TV show you're going to watch. 3. Actually, there are very few things that I can think about that would make me want to be single. She can pick the channel and control the remote....
  • Artzyone wrote on 07/01/2008
    omg sexy. isn't that the truth
  • MrMustangMan wrote on 07/04/2008
    What an intuative reflexion on reality.!!!! Good job and very accurate.!!!!
  • aveatquevale wrote on 07/27/2008
    How is dating different than it used to be? I like the pros and cons...haha.
  • Saint419 wrote on 12/03/2008
  • ermina wrote on 12/09/2008
    I like the single life..I would like to just have a man friend..I got tired of waiting on a man..now its time for me to wait on me..I think most women need and want that time ....alone time... I work 7-days and I just want to come home and know that I Don't have too to do this and that for anyone..no Honey get me this..Dear get me that..men don't think about this till they are Alone.. So if you have a Lady...you better give her..Her time alone...
  • TuffCowgirl wrote on 01/02/2009
    Its really hard sometimes being single-i do miss having a guy around but I have not found the right one yet.
  • Bocelli wrote on 01/23/2009
    Mostly I like being Single, but at the end of the day it would be good to put my feet up and have a cuddle. It would be great to see someone's smiling face that cared about me.. Hope you all find what you are looking for. Good Luck.
  • mb022584 wrote on 01/27/2009
    oh wow i almost cry when i read bluejaz blog, i agree, this single life is totally stressin me out big time, its bad when ever u see a fucking couple makin out infrount of u and u wonder if they are really happy or just puttin on an act.. at night time its bad, i just want to snuggle up with someone with big strong arms,.. we all know the sayin "things happend when u are least expect" its so true
  • Crushcraft wrote on 03/15/2009
    If you consider your partner a "DEFAULT OPTION" than you need to stay single until you are mature enough to figure out the "REAL OPTIONS" or else you will be hurting them and yourself.
  • twilight47 wrote on 04/21/2009
    I know dating is expensive, but I was taken back when one of the gentlemen on mingle 2 responding to an invite to late lunch asked whats your number and you payin....I would definitely pay for myself but I thought how rude he already had my number and payin is spelled paying....
  • rose_gammie wrote on 04/27/2009
    what I hate about being single is sleeping on the couch cuz I can't stand the big empty bed with nobody to cuddle up with so i use the back of the couch.....was almost like being married ....lol
  • Asmaa wrote on 07/01/2009
    Well I have never dated anyone before . I have alywas been single my either life and would love to be in a realtionship with a chick. But I havent find any in my city :(
  • Chianti60 wrote on 07/22/2009
    Things I love: having the remote to myself, no trivial questions to answer, free to eat cold cereal for supper if I so desire, free to check out sexy men Things I dislike: being alone during holidays, cooking for one, mowing the grass, etc.
  • ccnesvo wrote on 08/22/2009
    i hate being alone, it gets so boring... i live alone and i work full time but get shitty pay so i cant buy things to do. i come home from work to a empty quiet dark 1 bedroom apt. i just hate it. BUT i do agree with some of the pros to being single but only some cuz all of my friends are ether moving away or going to school and im kinda stuck here by myself.
  • kgdolphinlvr wrote on 09/06/2009
    Yes, having some freedom can be good on days you are tired and just being able to chill without having to please someone else. But, then days there are times you wish you had someone to share it all with. Hmmm, is there an in between....i dont know/
  • UP4ALAF wrote on 09/23/2009
    hi!would like to talk to older men please x
  • lampardd wrote on 09/25/2009
    looking for long term relationship
  • karim1967 wrote on 09/26/2009
    ii love bikes
  • firefighter17108 wrote on 10/05/2009
    being single is good but once you see other couples having fun you feel like you want to do the same as they do. Im new here to just looking for a 18-19 cutie near ferndale.
  • Sunshine1945 wrote on 10/26/2009
  • xoxoDeniseD wrote on 12/05/2009
    As a single mom I enjoy my late morning hikes with the other dads.
  • mjsbaby65 wrote on 06/28/2010
    HATES when it CLEARLY states that i'm not a COUAGER but young ppl STILL have the nerve to e~mail me, and claim yo say they never e~mailed/ viewed me. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT. get a CLUE. what they CAN'T READ. by 1st GRADE U SHOULD already know how to read.LISTEN UP young PPL back off. end of story.