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61 year old woman from Calgary, Alberta      Looking for man for relationship

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A vibrant redhead who is determined to grow older with grace and dignity. Attractive, active, focused, young at heart, intelligent with a sense of humor, honest and loyal to a fault, classy dresser, wears trendy eyeglasses, very affectionate, sensual/sexy, romantic, caring, devoted, faithful and most importantly real! Love to laugh, tease and have fun, can be serious too (but only when I need to be.) My professional career does not define who I am nor should yours define who you are. I'm interested in your honesty, integrity, strength of character and what's in your heart and not what you do for a living or your bank account balance! Likely one of the most natural and down to earth ladies you could ever expect to meet (actions always speaks much louder than words). Believes the most rewarding relationship in life is a loving committed relationship between a man and a woman and that cheating on your partner is the ultimate betrayal of trust! Values intimacy, honesty and integrity (my motto lie to me and you're history). High energy, low maintenance, self-confident, career oriented and values my independence, happy alone but understands life is meant to be shared. Very feminine but not a feminist, a one-man-woman, takes pride in being a lady and expects to be treated as one. Resourceful, financially responsible, own my home, mortgage and debt-free, emotionally healthy and available. A modern woman with traditional values and views who enjoys lifes' simple pleasures including taking care of and making a house a home.

I would like to meet a gentleman close to my age who is legally and emotionally free, a one-woman-man who is ready to develop a loving, mutually supportive, committed relationship that has the potential to last a lifetime. Must be a non-smoker, light/social drinker, has no dependent kids and free to enjoy life. A man who is sexy/sensual, an imaginative and romantic lover, passionate about love and life, high energy, taller, physically attractive (to me), emotionally healthy and available, whose honesty and integrity is without question and is genuine and down-to-earth. A man who can challenge and stimulate my intellect and brighten my days (and nights) with his smiles, teases and laughter. Someone who is self confident and isn't turned off by an independent woman who definitely has a mind of her own...and isn't afraid to tell you what's on her mind - in case you haven't noticed so

I'm a complete woman with a great life....the only part that's missing is YOU!
Profession: Government

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5' 7"
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White / Caucasian


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Never married
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