darkowl1 " observing, and enjoying, perched on a beautiful redwood with a incredible mid-night view"
85 year old man from New Orleans,la, & Frankfort, Michigan      Looking for woman for friendship

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MY PROFILE HAS CHANGED. I'm greatful to be alive and learning all the time. i'm looking to travel more and not settle down yet, so LTR is not in the immediate plan, maybe a couple of years. but isn't that the amount of time a person should properly get to know someone? heck, at 84, i'm only beginning to know myself, all of you are too, for example, would you make the same decisions now, that you did five years ago? a lot can change your mind in five years, and when you are a caregiver, it's easier to make it through the rough times, because they depend on you, and you know how to handle it, but the better times come, it's harder to make it work, it gets nit-picky, because they can take care of themselves and then, grow away from you, meanwhile, the shallower will cut and run in bad times, but glide right through the better times, HMMmmm. it really takes some chemistry in today's times to make it work. i want to take it easier, make lots of new friends, anyway. i'm not here to lead you astray. i'm just out of a nine year faithful relationship, well if you made it this far, thanks for your attention. be safe, and take care, sincerely, Dark owl-
p.s. and yes, the creepy pic is really me between the crypts.
Profession: f/x, building night clubs, optical illusions, desi

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