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20 year old man from Calgary, Alberta      Looking for woman for relationship

About DorklyCool

I am a social geek in that I would like to go out and meet new people and yet I am always addicted to design and technology. In fact, I would fancy running my own business one day. Not yet though, since there are a few things that I would like to do first before going out into the business world on my own.

I am awaiting a job as a web designer. In fact, my employer still has a lot of government paperwork to fill out before I can even get started on mine. Until that happens, I do a bit of freelance work to pay the rent and eat. However, a stable source of income is always welcomed. ^_^

I am very artistic and open-minded. In fact, I am willing to try anything new. Really! I would like to travel to foreign lands and immerse myself in the culture. I love art exhibits but I am perfectly comfortable with curling up on the couch with a girlfriend and just watching a movie or talking.

I love anime, the colour black, blogging, cheese, computers, cosplay, css, Dance Dance Revolution (I never said I was good at it, I just said I liked it), Dungeons and Dragons, fall, gaming, hot chocolate, karaoke, manga, mmorpgs, monkeys, monty python, musicals, my macbook pro, pizza, sci-fi/fan conventions, stuffed animals, video games, webcomics, xhtml.

I dislike hypocrites, judgemental people, loud noises, onions and politics.

Two very important things keep me going in life. First, the belief that the hell I go through is for a reason, and there has GOT to be a better life than what I've known. It is this faith that gives me what strength I do have, and the wisdom, intelligence, compassion and tolerance to continue chasing my goals. Second, my best friends. Matt and Meagan accept and love me for who I am, and are always incredibly supportive, no matter what stupid mess I get myself into. With such wonderful people in my life, all the bad stuff that happens to me fades, and I am truly blessed to have them.
Profession: Web Designer

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5' 10"
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White / Caucasian


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Never married
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Buddhist / Taoist
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