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AndyBgood "I'm the guy who beat up prince Charming and stole his horse!"
45 year old man from Redondo Beach, California      Looking for woman for dating Last seen within the last day

About AndyBgood

Hi Everybody!!!!

Been here for a while now. thought it was time for an update as to my profile.

Well, why waste a bunch of time with this?

My job, Aquarium Tech but actually I work on really BIG aquariums and ponds. I also have to play fish doctor as well as fix and install systems. I also double as a handyman but likewise I also fix a host of other things and know my way around a wrench.

I am one of those guys with too much going on in my head. I have a lot of interests and a skill base that is simply too big to describe. I am a person who has a tough time sitting still. On top of that I am a no frills no games and especially NO Drama kind of person. I make no bones about this, I am no prince but I do want my own kingdom and work to that end. So far I am a kingdom of only me. I love the out doors a lot more than being indoors. I am a classic Jack of Trades. In reality I can fix just about anything from cars to appliances. I may say I double as a handyman but with a LOT more skills. I also work on computers from time to time since it has been a hobby of mine for a while to make and fix computers and got pretty good considering I am no programmer.

I do not have any religious affiliation but was raised Lutheran. I'm too smart for religion. I also LOVE variety. Who want's to get hung up in a rut in life. There are so many different philosophies in life but I go by the "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it thinking." Life is about living and enjoying the variety of it all. So many different cuisines to sample from. I likewise have a broad interest in music but rap is not one of my choices like corporate country.

Why am I here? Well, do I have to answer that? I am not really big on 'making the first move' much these days. I just do not read body language and 'little signals' very good any more. It gets too confusing. I like women who can speak their mind even in the light of disagreement. What is better is when the woman speaking up really has a mind to speak!

Intelligence is a plus in my book all the way around. Some kind of talent is also a must for me. Women that are mechanics are also a big time plus for me because it is nice when I ask for a 11mm deep socket on a short handled ratchet with a four inch extension my assistant knows what the hell I am asking for. What is even better is when she gets mad because she wants to do the work. Grease Girls... My hat is off to you! If anything I like women who can most definitely pull their own weight and scoff weakness. I am not afraid of draconian women at all. Having an edge can make things very interesting in a good way!

I'm not big on piercings and tats myself. I don't like seeing perfection marred. I am not big on bars or clubbing. I am soooo done with false fronts and fake personalities I see around me. I am so past the age of Plastic Fantastic. I mean come on, as if? FER SHUR! I am in no rush to make any commitment but I also am not into stepping on people either. It takes two to start a family and any two people can do that but the question is making one that lasts! Partnerships do not have self interest in them. That is what I really want. I do not want to repeat the history of my fore bearers.

If there is one sentence to describe me I think I got to fall back on what my own mother said of me, I am too smart for my own good.

If there is one personality trait that rubs me totally wrong it is bleeding hearts.

Racial issues? Who? What? I am an Equal Opportunity Offender! Actually, I could care less for the most part since I take people as individuals. I won't turn down a date with a black girl if she is PHAT! I got a soft spot for Asian girls myself. Again what the heck does it matter? If I am treated right I reciprocate in greater measure if I can.

Religion? Wellllllllllllll, Some times faith makes people better and gives them peace of mind so it is not a bad thing. Me? Don't try to save me and don't try to change my mind and we can get along.

Marriage? Once I find "The One" heck yes. Until then I am still looking. That is part of the reason why I am here. It is also a great way to burn a little time here and there.

There is a lot more to me than I can squeeze into this profile so there is only one way to find out.
If ya just want to be friends no prob. If ya want to get to know me, well, you know what you have to do!
If you think I may be interested in something else you got to ask. I don't read minds.

I know what a road map is and what it is used for and I do use them. That is why I don't get lost! Ha Ha!

By the way, I have a strange sense of humor if you haven't noticed already. I love animation and also collect strange, bazaar and unusual things but not in the sick 'sexual fetish" demented sense. I collect things from movies, anime, tv shows I liked, odd memorabilia from our history, and miniature liquor bottles!
Profession: Aquarium Tech.

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