About Mingle2

Mingle2 is owned by NextC LLC, and is a free online dating website built with one goal in mind: making online dating easy, fun and accessible to everyone.

What does Mingle2 do that's different?

Mingle2's intuitive design allows you to quickly and easily able to find, contact, and mingle with other people. This site is not a popularity contest and it's not intended to be somewhere you collect a massive friends list of people you don't know. It's simply a way of efficiently connecting those who are interested in dating, making new connections, or just being social.

We don't use personality tests or automatic match-making software to help you find who you're looking for. Instead, we let you decide for yourself who your ideal match is by offering fantastic ways of letting you search and contact other singles.

We've also got a few tricks up our sleeve that make us stand out, such as Mutual Matching. Mutual Matching is a way of initiating contact without writing a detailed message. It's like saying "Hi, you look interesting" without actually saying anything at all.

Why the 2 in Mingle2

It's an exponent: Mingle x Mingle (Mingle Squared). It was catchy, short, and indicates that this is where a bunch of mingling happens. Plus it afforded us the opportunity to use the <sup> html tag all over the place :)

Sweet, I want to sign up!

You can sign up for your free account here: Register Here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to Leave us your feedback in the forums.
Or email questions@mingle2.com with any questions or comments.