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67 year old man from Vancouver, Washington      Looking for woman for marriage

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I enjoy life today. I like myself and I like people. I take my relationship with the LORD JESUS seriously. I am a one woman man-can't focus on more than one thing at a time and give it my full attention. I miss having some one to go to dinner with or to the beach or on a trip or to a movie, just not the same doing it alone. I believe in helping others and giving to those in need. We all need help at sometime in our lives. I am 65 yrs. old and I am retired with an adiquite income that allows me to enjoy life. I am 5' 10" 170 lbs with hair that is getting greyer all the time. I have one one son,age 44, who live up in the Seattle area with his significant other. I am a recovering alcoholic with 31 yrs. clean and sober by the grace of GOD and with HIS power being made perfect in my weakness. I have had my neck broke when I was hit by a car while stationed in Gremany-now the arthritis has fused vertibra;s 4-5-&6 Causes sever headaches at times. I injured my lower back twice when I was working and now have arthritis and degenerative disc disease to keep me humble and dependant on the LORD.
Profession: retired

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5' 10"
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White / Caucasian


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