The Blogger Spelling Test

I took some of the most commonly misspelled words in blogs and created a test that'll allow you to see whether you're guilty of making these common mistakes. Once you're done taking the test, view the correct answers so you can avoid these mistakes in the future.

  1. I think ______ hair looks funny today
  2. After he tripped he had a hard time hiding his _____
  3. I am going to make a ______ effort to work harder in school
  4. Let me check my _____ to see if I have time next month
  5. This is _______ the work of a vampire pig monster
  6. _____ garbage is this on the floor?
  7. There are _____ of people surfing the internet right now
  8. The giant sea creature opened ____ mouth
  9. I suspect ____ headed south for the winter
  10. When ___ cold outside I wear a warm coat
  11. Where are _____ offices located?
  12. I hate it when I ____ my keys and I can't find them
  13. That movie was really _____
  14. She likes oranges more ____ grapes
  15. There was a strange ______ on the farm today