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my primary love-language is 'quality time'...but i've learned to speak the other 4 very well. i'm especially good at doing things for people, (acts of service.) i've become pretty good with comunication too! and touch?...well, you just may find out!...*wink*
being a best-friend is what i'm best at. i want to be someone's best friend...and you may be the best thing i've ever had.

i've recently graduated from college, majoring in horticulture.

i like: ball-room dancing, playing piano, (i'm slowly teaching myself violin/fiddle and the classic-guitar) eating...trying new foods, landscaping...flowers, taking walks, cooking, watching movies, and being active...basketball, hiking, etc. i love festivals, fairs, theme parks. i'm adventerous ! i love going to the park and acting like a KID ! have you ever went swinging in the dark ? my favorite movies in the world are phenomenon and amelie. i'm very spontaneous, love to explore, see all new places/cultures i've never experienced before. i would enjoy quality time with you...(since that's my primary love-language.) i would try my hardest to help your dreams/wishes come true. i would support all your ideas. i'm great with kids...(they usually love me.) i would accept yours as my own. i will put forth 100% effort into our relationship. and i love "love and affection". what other guy would say that ?

remember: "REAL MEN want to snuggle"....REAL men listen, real men don't EVER raise their hand, real men: don't get jealous when you hug a friend, gives you space to be your own person, does most of the house work, helps with the kids, is very handy around the house, goes shopping with you, (if that's your thing,) will see to it that your dreams come true, i am...trustworty, dependable, always there for you when you need me.

i get very excited over 'simple' things in life...a cute kid playing in the park, driving down the road and catching a whiff of wildflowers, seeing a couple kiss, admiring God's creation, playing with my kids, being able to help someone in need, a delicious taste of desert, the smell of coffee and bacon in the house, playing tag, the feel of grass on my bare feet, the sound of a live symphony, seeing kids worship God.

i want a daughter SOOOO BAD...maybe even a daddy's girl. i'm certified to adopt/foster, so that's an option. and if you have a daughter that may need a daddy-figure in her life, that's great!

i'm Playful, Romantic and Warm hearted. Ambitious, Optimistic and Spiritual. i enjoy being with family. i like to hang out with Classy people, Country folks or Cultured people and
i enjoy eating BBQ, Hispanic and ethnic foods.
i prefer to listen to Classical, Gospel, Jazz, 80's, and classic-rock music.

my main hobbies include Cooking, Gardening, outdoors, fun in the sun, and the water. i like Hiking, Walking and Bicycling. i like watching b-ball, especially college b-ball...soccer...and the colts....and my boys' sporting events.

a few of my dreams~~...to design and build my own wooden sailboat...to visit the Great Barrier Reef, and swim with the sea turtles...to design and be a part of a "public-gardens", so everyone can come and enjoy all the beautiful colors and smells...to make a big difference in someone's life...to design and build my own home...to raise my own fruits, vegetables, and meats, (living simple)

i'm handy to have around the house!...though, i'm not too good at being a car mechanic. (i can change brakes, change oil, and such.)

i always dream of pampering my other half every chance i will get...she deserves it...she's a queen! i will rub your feet when they are sore. i will give you full-body massages. and i love the idea of washing your hair! and cooking for you.

WOW...that's enough about me!...gosh...i want to learn about YOU!
now...fix yourself a cup of hot cocoa...turn the music down low...snuggle under a warm blanket...and write me a letter...i want to know everything about you...your likes/dislikes...your dreams...your passions...a few secrets, (i won't tell anyone)...and the least you'll accept in a man...i'll be waiting...but don't make me wait too long...i'm only getting older.
Profession: landscape

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