Fyresyren "Do I know you?"
21 year old woman from Salt Lake City, Utah      Looking for man for friendship

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If you are at all interested look me up on myspace, that's where I usually am.http://www.myspace.com/fantasee_land
I am a fun girl to talk to and hang out with. I try to laugh and make other people laugh around me. I am interested in getting fit and well then I can go on and learn to snowboard. Rock on. I am generally an extroverted person, unless of course if I am having a bad day. If I like you, you will catch me joking around and having a good old time. But if I don't like you, you will find out in very few seconds and why I don't. I am protective of any and all people associated with me. I care deeply for everyone and I have a soft heart. My ex broke my heart and I am better for it. There is **** that I won't take, and if you care to try me, go ahead. See where it gets you. I am a good friend to everyone, and I will help everyone that needs help.I'm up front, and I have no guile. I flirt unintentionally and sometimes words come out meaning something completely opposite of what I meant. My goal in life is to live and let live. To love and to laugh. If any of that is missing from your life, you need to change something, because no matter what religion you follow, this body lives only once. SO ROCK ON!
I hate drama and will avoid it at all costs. Soon I will be going to school for massage therapy. Woot!
Profession: Government

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5' 8"
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White / Caucasian


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