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I am a 24 year old student at the University of Colorado in Boulder and I know many of you are probably like, "what the hell is he still in school for at 24?" Well I understand why people might think that is abnormal but, the fact of the matter is that I had to take almost 2 years off of school to recover from two very serious seperate injuries including breaking my back in multiple places and suffering a severe concussion with brain trauma from a shelf falling on my head...crazy, huh? If you looked at me today you seriously would have no idea I have suffered through these amazingly painful and dangerous injuries, it's actually pretty weird. I guess I had a serious streak of bad luck for a while back then, haha! I am still taking cognitive and visual therapy for my head trauma because I still experience some memory and reading problems and becuase I have a huge lawsuit going on for my all my head & neck injuries. Anyways, besides all that crazy ass stuff I am just starting school again to finish up the small amount of credits I have left to graduate. I just moved into an awesome house that is tucked right up against the mountains and my Siberian Husky absolutely loves the freedom of having the yard, haha! Well, since I had to take so much time off of school to recover from all my injuries, now most of my friends from college have either graduated and/or left town for job opportunities and stuff. So that is really what brings me here on the internet to meet some new cool friends and hopefully an amazing girl that I totally love. I do still have a few people I know that are around town but, seriously it is just not the same. I really want to meet some new people that are down-to-earth and love adventure and fun, I think that I definitely need some more people to hang out with and chill in my cool ass crib too! Hopefully I can meet you and we can have a great time together....drop me an e-mail at whenever you like.
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